Thursday, November 10, 2016

Uber, Lyft and Urban and Environmental sustainability

It is said a picture conveys a thousand words. By this measure then a 10-minute video conveys what it require more words than might be found in Ph.D. dissertation. So to hear and see my take on why Uber, Lyft and the like might be a game change for the urban environment and the sustainability of personal transportation check out this link
This is a talk at the Luskin Conference Earth Now Earth 2050 that was held at UCLA in October 2016.

Mar 2017 Update: In light of the Uber's problems, numerous press articles on the lifestyle of Uber/Lyft drivers and my own conversations with drivers, I must say the social sustainability aspects are not to be taken lightly. In fact the reason why I did not touch on this is I was largely talking about the coming autonomous revolution. But in the interim, the concerns of drivers should not be ignored!

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